Choosing a pet is a big responsibility and a long-term commitment.

Remember your adopted friend will require food, water, exercise,

veterinarian care as well as your love and attention.



Visit the Animal Welfare Kennels and see which dog/cat appeals to

you and from whom you get a warm feeling.  Make sure that the animal

will fit into your lifestyle  e.g. do not choose a big dog if you are unable

to take it for long walks and you do not have a big space for it to live.


Once you have made your choice, if you have a dog at home bring it in

to meet its prospective companion (if you are choosing another dog).

It is important that they meet on neutral territory first and you can get

an idea of how they are going to interact.  (to speed things up you can

bring your dog when you first visit the kennels)

If you choose a dog, once the paperwork is completed, an Inspector will

call to make a time to visit your home to see that it is secure and will

provide our dog(s) with a suitable environment to live in.  If the Inspector


approves, then your chosen dog will be booked for sterilization and

micro-chipping.  You will then be phoned when your pet is ready for

collection.  Cats do not require a property inspection.


We ask R600 for an adopted dog and R500 for a cat.  All animals will

be handed over to you fully vaccinated, frontlined, sterilized and with

a micro-chip inserted

Take time to bond with your choice

BEFORE you take it home


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