Lisa Dimersfontein

Lisa – Lisa a short-haired domestic cat was found lost, lonely, ill and starving in the  vineyards of a local wine farm where the owner of the farm could not ignore her serious plight and decided to pick her up and take her home.

Despite making every effort to locate Lisa’s owner no-one came forward to claim her. Being unable to keep a cat and knowing that I worked for the caring AWS the farm owner unhesitatingly called me to see if we could help.

I was there in a flash! When I first saw Lisa I had to carefully manage her rescuers expectations as Lisa did not look at all well and was riddled with contagious Ring Worm.

This little cat was going to require a miracle but I was confident that once admitted into the care of the AWS Hospital team she would be fine.

I recently checked up on Lisa and was over-joyed to see how wonderfully she had come-along. She had regained her playfulness and the spread of the Ring Worm had been arrested. She looked positively peachy.

To get her to pose for a photograph was no easy task. Her little body vibrated with happiness and she tried every trick in the book to cuddle up to the Hospital Orderly entrusted with her care.

As soon as she is completely recovered she will be sterilized and put up for adoption. I wish I had space for one more.