The Mission statement that all AWS Inspectors strive towards is:

To prevent cruelty to any animal by thoroughly inspecting and investigating all environments in which animals find themselves, preferably educating and helping the public before arguments and prosecutions, except in cases of premeditated or deliberate cruelty. An inspector must act in the interest and welfare of all animals.


The AWS has an inspectorate department. The inspectors will on a daily basis deal with a variety of situations animals may find themselves in. We may attend to emergency rescues where an animals’ inquisitiveness or some unfortunate incident have landed it in a precarious situation or we may deal with an investigation where through the deliberate action of a person an animal may be in need of assistance.


Cruelty investigations:

The inspectors of the AWS investigate thousands of cases every year of alleged cruelty toward animals. While a number of the investigations are not founded, the majority of cases are and will lead to the inspectors’ educating the owners of the animals and therefore improving the situation for the animals. However, some investigations will lead to prosecutions in cases where there is severe or deliberate cruelty.